Thursday, June 23, 2016

MKs FIRST Swimming Lesson

Mary Katherine is now 19 months old! Woah! That happened fast! We decided to take advantage of a great opportunity last week! My sister's daughter is taking swim lessons from our Aunt and invited us to come too! We went to Leafmore pool which is where my Mom and Aunt grew up swimming and so did my siblings and I. It was very special bringing her there for her first official swim lesson. My Aunt is a certified swim instructor and she is the Swim Coach for a local high school. I was very impressed with how well MK did! She worked on kicking her legs in the water, blowing bubbles, going under the water without taking in any water, jumping from the ledge, and floating on her back! It was such a fun day!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Vickery Creek Trail and Waterfall

I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone last week and went on so many adventures with my daughter and family and friends. Just last week alone we visited a local botanical garden, waterfall, did swimming lessons, toured a local whiskey distillery, and had a beautiful Sunday in Midtown Atlanta! For my daughter and I our biggest adventure was the hike to see the Vickery Creek Waterfall near Roswell Mill. If you live near the Atlanta area, you should definitely visit this beautiful nature trail, covered bridge, mill ruins, and waterfall! MK and I had a blast with some of our friends! It was about an hour drive to Roswell Mill, but it was so worth it once we arrived!! We hiked about 2 miles down and then 2 miles back. I wore MK for a good bit of the hiking on my back, and she loved it!! We both loved seeing the awesome waterfall, but MKs favorite part was definitely playing in the water of the creek near a little sandy beach part of the hike! I look forward to many more adventures with my little girl by my side!

Monday, June 13, 2016

This is me

I few years ago I took the Meyers Briggs personality test and discovered I'm an INFJ. That stands for introverted intuitive feeling judging. I took this before I became a mommy. I was curious if it had changed at all. For the most part it didn't change. I'm a little more relaxed than I used to be but not as much as I wish I was. That perfectionist tendency still comes out occasionally. I'm sure a second child  would cause me to have to relax much more, but I'm not quite ready for #2! I have my hands full with #1! If you've never taken this little test you should! It's surprisingly accurate!

Concerned about relationships/humanity
Takes disproportionate amount of responsibility
Will suddenly withdraw into self
Lives in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities
Private, difficult to understand
Ignores others opinions
Believes in constant growth

Some of these are positive and some aren't. They are all still true to some degree. I feel that motherhood can be lonely, but then I think maybe it's my personality that causes this. I've decided this week to step out of my comfort zone for my sake and my daughters sake. I've planned outings for she and I for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is a huge deal for me. I'm much more comfortable just staying home all day until I go to work in the afternoon. My daughter deserves better. I have no idea how these outings are going to go but I'm hoping for the best!