Sunday, August 18, 2013

New School Year

For two years now, the first day of the new school year has come with much excitement, anticipation, and a little nervousness. I wanted each new day to be better than the day before. I wanted my students to learn about reading, writing, and communication. I wanted to prepare them for adulthood. I wanted them to know they are important, and I care so much about them. Well Monday I will not be standing at my door ready to welcome my students. Even though I know God has a different plan for my life right now, I still miss my students so much. I want all of them to have an amazing school year, but more importantly I want them to begin to discover who they are and what their purposes in life are. I will always remember this group of young adults!

Monday will be the first day of the new school year! For some of you there are mixed feelings about this day. Some may be super excited [probably mainly to see friends ; ) ]Some of you may be bummed that summer is over. Then there are my precious graduates! For the first time in quite a long time, you will not be starting another year of high school. As for me, I am starting on a slightly different journey. While I am super excited about this new adventure, I will always fondly remember my Elba Tigers!

For those who will be starting another year of high school, remember you are worth more than gold, you will be successful with hard work AND determination, give respect even if you think someone may not deserve it ( you will reap blessings one day), life CAN be tough but you do NOT have to let it break you, you are strong ( some of the strongest teenagers I know), people are always watching so make wise decisions, when typing click SAVE often, it is good to speak your mind but even more valuable to learn how to listen, and know that I will always remember you, love you, and care about you!

For my graduates, you made it! This is what you wanted for so long. No more high school. I hope you are enjoying life. I hope that you are taking classes, working, or both. I hope you are making something of yourselves. You all have the potential to become amazing adults. I hope you are finding a way to contribute to others. There is nothing more enriching then serving others. As you can see, I have many hopes for ALL of you. Remember that you are sophisticated and you will be successful with hard work and determination, but it may not all happen on your time table. I hope you learned a little about patience in high school. We each have an amazing opportunity to live a life full of purpose. I pray you find your purpose. Don’t give up when life doesn’t go your way. Persevere! I am so proud of all of you! I will never forget you! Please stay in touch. I would love to know how your lives are going (the good, the bad, and the in between) Thank you for so many wonderful memories!



Monday, August 12, 2013

8 years

If you ask me, 8 years is a long time : ) On this day 8 years ago, Michael and I went on our first date! Yesterday he made one of my life long dreams come true! We went to Niagara Falls!! The trip was expensive with air planes, rental cars, those nasty toll booths, and all other things associated with travelling, but it was SO worth it. Michael has now taken me to Savannah Georgia and Niagara Falls! I am such a blessed and happy girl. In 8 years, he has worked so hard to always try to make me happy. It is crazy to think that about the time we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage, we will also be celebrating 10 years of being a couple!!! The Lord has been so good to us. I am very thankful for His provision and peace. While we did have the opportunity to go to Niagara Falls, the main reason for the trip was the wedding of our dear friends Tierney and Ryan. While at their wedding, I was reflecting on just how awesome these first 2 years of marriage have been for us. I love Michael so much and look forward to spending every day with him!