Sunday, January 18, 2015

2 Months Old

My precious Mary Katherine you are now 2 months old. This is quite difficult for me to believe. I feel like you were born just yesterday! These have been the best 2 months of my life. I love you so much and every day with you is truly a gift. We take you to the doctor tomorrow so I don't know your exact measurements. I would guess you are 12lbs and you are very long. You were 21 inches when you were born which is already pretty long. BUT I know that you are even longer now. In your 2nd month you started to lose your hair on top of your head. Now it's starting to grow back. You had a terrible case of baby acne so bad that your worried new mama thought it was a rash and took you to the pediatrician. Your face is finally clearing up and now I can't stop kissing your super soft sweet cheeks. You still love tummy time. In fact you are so strong that you are pushing yourself around your little play mat. We put you down in one spot and you slowly slide to the other side. Your neck and legs are so strong I imagine you will be crawling before long. You are currently napping in your rock n play sleeper. This is amazing because this time last week you were miserable. You weren't eating or sleeping well and I knew something was wrong. I took you to the pediatrician and you were diagnosed with GERD. My poor baby has terrible acid reflux. We put you on medicine and it has finally slowly started working. We have some good days and bad days. Your eating and sleeping is slowly getting better. Your little esophagus is still healing so we are trying to be patient. Mama just wants you better because I hate seeing you in pain. Because of the acid reflux your eating schedule is still not quite established. We have to be flexible and that's ok. We bought you a swing and it helped until the motor stopped working right. Now we have to deal with exchanging it for a swing that works well. During your 2nd month we also had your baby dedication at church. We were a little worried you would cry the whole time, but you did such a great job. You didn't cry at all while we were up front. BUT when we tried to take family pictures after the service you cried non-stop. So needless to say we don't have a bunch of cute pictures, but I will always remember how beautiful you were in your Daddy's arms. Mary Katherine we love you so much and look forward to each new day with you. I truly treasure every moment with you. I had to have an emergency appendectomy last week so tonight your Daddy bathed you for the first time. It was quite an adventure. Your Daddy has been so awesome since I came home from the hospital. I can't lift or carry you and that breaks my heart but I am loving all this sweet precious time you are getting with your Daddy. You smiled at him today and I will forever remember him smiling back at you. The two of you together melts my heart. You two are my whole world. I plan to post an update after your doctor's appointment tomorrow. Mary Katherine Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! You are truly our best adventure yet. Happy 2 months!!!