Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Like Father, Like Daughter

Well, I am officially 26 years old. When my birthday came 3 days ago on Sunday, I was very sick. Needless to say I was not up for celebrating. My husband made me chicken noodle soup and bought me all the meds I needed AND he waited on me. I never had to get up. He really is so good to me. I was sad about being sick on my birthday, but he helped me make the best of it. While being sick last weekend, I actually had quite a bit of down time to think and reflect on the past 26 years of my life. That reflecting has followed me into my work week, and today an idea hit me.

BUT before I share the idea, I want to explain the title for today's post.

Now, anyone who knows my father and me knows we are very much alike. My mom always says, "She certainly is her father's daughter." Usually this good. I really AM like him in many ways. Some of those ways are great, and some are things we (my father and I) are still working on. For instance, we need a little more patience then some when people do not do things in the way we think they should be done : ) On the other hand, I received many good traits from him as well. I am a planner to a fault. I take charge in situations when an assignment is given. I am decisive. I am always ready to improvise. I am passionate about what I believe. I am very driven to make a difference. These are all traits I received from my father. While I am very much like my father, my title is actually referring to my Heavenly Father. When the idea hit me, I thought to myslef, "I do that with my students."

Back to the reflecting. I was thinking about how God has a message for us everyday. He wants to talk to us everyday. He wants to share His wisdom with us, but sometimes he speaks in a whisper. If we are not trying really hard to listen, we will miss out on his messages for us. Well all of that reminded me of my students. Sometimes when I am reading or discussing something and some students are playing and not paying attention, I begin to talk softly. That way they HAVE to be quiet to listen to what it is they need to learn. Then I thought to myself, "Wow! I really am created in His image, I really am like Him! Like Father, like daughter!

I know God has something great in store for me in the coming months. It will be challenging waiting on him, but patience is something I am working on! I am just thankful for all that I DO have!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Being Refined

Lilies and Lemonade

I finally decided to create a blog today. I turn 26 on Sunday, and I want to begin keeping a better record of what happens in our lives. I chose the title Lilies and Lemonade for two specific reasons. Lilies symbolize a variety of things. For some lilies symbolize devotion and restoration. In my life, I am devoted to the things I am a passionate about. This passion can sometimes get me into trouble, because I feel things so intensely. On the other hand, this passion has helped make me the woman I am today. I am passionate about my husband, family, friends, and students. I am passionate about travelling, flavorful and beautifully presented food, books and the escapes they offer, music, and making sure everyone finds his or her voice to tell his or her story. I also chose to use the word lilies in my title because as humans we need to find a way to restore ourselves in the midst of trials. For me Psalm 23 says it all. God is the only one who can restore us. That brings me to the second part of my title.

I had a Professor give me a book titled Make Lemonade. Now most all of us have heard the cliche phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," and that is one of the messages of that book. While it is a cliche phrase, it it still true. It should be our mission to make the best out of bad situations. It is only when we are going through the middle of tough times that we can be refined and given the tools to become better people. Change can be painful, but growing into a better person is worth it. At 26(almost) I have learned that this world has some ugly aspects. This world has people in charge making selfish, corrupt decisions. This world doesn't want to teach accountablity. This world doesn't want to discuss uncomfortable issues with young adults. This world wants to be blind and not enforce boundaries for growing teens. This world wants to break down the traditional family unit. This world is creating ME Monsters. I could go on and on about the ugly side of the world I have been exposed to, but I won't. I just want others to know that even though these things happen in our own backyards, we do not have to be victims. We can be victors. If you are in a bad situation or going through a tough time, you can make the best of it. BUT that means YOU will have to make some changes. The best one to turn to during these times is God. He is the only one who knows all the sides of the situation. Only He can give you peace. So during this time in my life, I am going to seek God for my peace. He is my lily, and I will make lemonade of these tough times.