Sunday, December 28, 2014

Such a Wonderful Christmas

This Christmas has truly been so special. I am so thankful for our beautiful daughter. My sweet little family of 3 had a great Christmas. We had brunch on Christmas eve morning with my in-laws. Christmas morning began at our home around 7am with a feeding then we opened presents. We arrived at my in-laws around 11am. It was truly a wonderful first Christmas for our little girl. God really blessed us abundantly. I look forward to next Christmas when Mary Katherine will be 13 months and moving around. We will also be able to travel to my parents for Christmas. This first Christmas was so special. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well. See you in 2015!!!!!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dear Mary Katherine

My Sweet Little Girl,

     You are 1 month old! Well technically you turned 1 month a few days ago, but this whole new Mommy thing has already taught me that my life no longer revolves around me and when I want to do things, so I haven't blogged in a while. In fact I can already see it is going to be very difficult to keep up this blog, but I will try my best. Last night was the most exciting thing you have done this month. You slept in your infant sleeper for 3 whole hours WITHOUT being held AND Mommy and Daddy were able to sleep in their bed! That is BIG news for this sleep deprived Mama. Sweet girl you have completely transformed my world for the better. You make my life so completely wonderful. You were born with the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair. You were lifting your head at 1 day old, and you simply get stronger and stronger everyday. God is so good! You have the longest most gorgeous eyelashes just like your Daddy. Finally long lashes to put mascara on!! Speaking of your Daddy my heart still melts when he holds you and kisses you and talks to you in sweet little whispers. He already bought you your first dress yesterday. He has such great taste. You will be the most beautiful baby at the Country Club Christmas Eve Brunch next week. I love staring into your eyes when you are nursing. You are a very good eater. You absolutely love to be swaddled and you hate to be cold, so you dislike changing of clothes and diapers. You did not like bath time at first, but now you do. I just love the way you smell after bath time. We are still working on getting you on a good routine. It has been a little difficult, but we are not giving up. Your first Christmas is in 5 days and we are all so excited to celebrate with you. I am really looking forward to next year when you will be 13 months and moving all around the place. But for now I want to enjoy these special moments I get to have with you while you are still so tiny. I am not sure how much you weigh because we have not been to the doctor in almost 3 weeks, but at that appointment you were 8lbs. 6oz. I know you have grown, but I can't tell if you are more or less then 10lbs. Mary Katherine Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents. You are surrounded by so many loving family members, too. Your Gigi has already been down here twice to see you and is planning another visit for next month. You truly are my sunshine. I thank God for you everyday! I love you so very much!

Happy One Month Birthday Mary Katherine!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Her Birth Story

Our beautiful Mary Katherine was 2 weeks old yesterday, and I want to go ahead and document her birth story before I forget anything.
On Monday November 17th, we had just a normal appointment scheduled. Everything seemed to be fine. The doctor stepped out, and then she returned with another doctor. My blood pressure was high again and they had a few other concerns. They wanted us to check in to L & D to be monitored. We had been through this before during my pregnancy and left the hospital without our baby girl. It really didn't occur to me that this could be the day we had been waiting for.
My husband and I settled in and began contacting family to give them the heads up. We still didn't know for sure what was going to happen, but we wanted our parents to be ready. Baby girl and I were monitored and tests were ran. Monday evening my doctor came in and said I had several symptoms of preeclampsia, and that we needed to induce labor. It took me a little while to process that we were about to meet our baby. Every emotion imaginable rushed through me. I am so thankful that Michael was by my side the entire time. He was so awesome, supportive, and encouraging. The next several hours were painful and exhausting. Then it was finally time to push. My doctor knew how much I really wanted to deliver vaginally, so she let me push for several hours but no progress was being made. Something was not right. The doctor suggested a C-Section saying that it would be better to not wait until the baby is in distress and it becomes an emergency situation. My husband and I talked and prayed about it and ultimately agreed that we would do what was necessary to keep her safe. It was not my original plan, but it was all worth it in the end. After my C-Section the doctor told me that she had turned face up and was basically stuck. I am glad we made the decision when we did. Mary Katherine was born
November 18, 2014
8lbs. 1oz. 21 inches long
I will never forget the first moment I saw her. I thought she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Her Daddy and I love her so much. I could just sit and watch her sweet little face all day. God has certainly abundantly blessed us. I am so thankful for our little girl.