Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Her Birth Story

Our beautiful Mary Katherine was 2 weeks old yesterday, and I want to go ahead and document her birth story before I forget anything.
On Monday November 17th, we had just a normal appointment scheduled. Everything seemed to be fine. The doctor stepped out, and then she returned with another doctor. My blood pressure was high again and they had a few other concerns. They wanted us to check in to L & D to be monitored. We had been through this before during my pregnancy and left the hospital without our baby girl. It really didn't occur to me that this could be the day we had been waiting for.
My husband and I settled in and began contacting family to give them the heads up. We still didn't know for sure what was going to happen, but we wanted our parents to be ready. Baby girl and I were monitored and tests were ran. Monday evening my doctor came in and said I had several symptoms of preeclampsia, and that we needed to induce labor. It took me a little while to process that we were about to meet our baby. Every emotion imaginable rushed through me. I am so thankful that Michael was by my side the entire time. He was so awesome, supportive, and encouraging. The next several hours were painful and exhausting. Then it was finally time to push. My doctor knew how much I really wanted to deliver vaginally, so she let me push for several hours but no progress was being made. Something was not right. The doctor suggested a C-Section saying that it would be better to not wait until the baby is in distress and it becomes an emergency situation. My husband and I talked and prayed about it and ultimately agreed that we would do what was necessary to keep her safe. It was not my original plan, but it was all worth it in the end. After my C-Section the doctor told me that she had turned face up and was basically stuck. I am glad we made the decision when we did. Mary Katherine was born
November 18, 2014
8lbs. 1oz. 21 inches long
I will never forget the first moment I saw her. I thought she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Her Daddy and I love her so much. I could just sit and watch her sweet little face all day. God has certainly abundantly blessed us. I am so thankful for our little girl.


  1. I had no idea she had arrived! Well congratulations Mom & Dad! I'm sorry to hear your L&D didn't go quite as you had hoped, but I'm very glad to hear sweet Mary Katherine is here safe and healthy - and you too! Thinking of your precious family! Blessings to you my beautiful friend!

  2. Thank you so much! It was a long, rough week but we are so happy to be home and getting used to our new normal. She is so precious, and we just love her so much!! God is so good for blessing us with our beautiful Mary Katherine! I am excited to see what you guys name your little girl!