Saturday, June 14, 2014

Moms' Night Out

OK so this movie was SO good. I can NOT remember the last time
I laughed and cried so much during a movie. It was hilarious!
I believe it was a mixture of pregnancy hormones, thinking about becoming
a mom, and being so grateful for my mom.
I would totally see this movie again.
My Mom is a stay-at-home-mom.
I am the oldest of 6 children.
For over 27 years of my mother's life she has been a Mom.
BUT she has not been just any mom. She has been OUR Mom.
Watching this movie made me realize how she probably felt quite often.
She was the one who was:
stuck with us all day
cleaning up after us
playing with us
keeping us safe
cooking for us
disciplining us
dressing us
driving us
dealing with sibling rivalry
dealing with tantrums
She never made it seem like that above list is what she was doing.
This is what I remember:
encouraging us
supporting us
reading to us
singing to us
dreaming with us
drawing with us
talking with us
listening to us
believing in us
loving us
She never made it seem like work.
She never made it seem like she gave up anything.
Her life was all about us.
While she was doing all of the above in both lists, she was not napping or going out with friends.
She was not shopping or spending time pampering herself.
She was doing loads and loads of laundry.
She was keeping the house clean.
She was cooking for a family of 5 then a family of 8.
She was praying with Daddy everyone morning before he left for work.
She was painting my nails and braiding my hair.
She did all of this with a smile.
I am sure she felt lonely and overwhelmed at times just like the moms in the movie, but
she never showed it to us.
She sacrificed so much for us.
As I sit here at 16 weeks pregnant imagining becoming a Mommy,
I hope and pray that I can be as good and strong and gracious and warm and encouraging and smart and loving as my Mom is.
I am so excited to welcome our little one
into this world, and I am so ready for my Mom to meet our little one.
I am so blessed to have the Mom that God gave me.
If you haven't seen this movie, you really should go see!


  1. I saw this movie! It was so funny.

  2. Ah how sweet! I want to see this movie now! Thanks for the recommendation and so glad you found me!

    1. You definitely need to see this movie!! It's great! So glad I found your blog too!!